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5555 store is easier for people to remember . ‘5555- 5 triple 5″  is easy to remember and can be branded easily.

For an Indian company  .in Domain is better for SEO.(“By default, most ccTLDs  result in Google using these to geotarget the website; it implies that the website is probably more relevant in the appropriate country. See more more information on multi-regional and multilingual sites” Source: SearchEngineLand.com). Instead of buying 5555.in if you opt for 5555.com then you have to pay 8 times (that is right EIGHT Times) the price of what we offer 5555.in for. (5555.com is listed for a whopping US$1.6Million or 10Million Yuan, Click to See yourself ). As an Indian company your first and best choice would be .in rather than .com .

Numerology reason to buy 5555.in

5555 is considered lucky number in India.

5555 in numerology and astrology is considered a Destiny number.

It is one of the fancy numbers and considered lucky.

In Europe 5555 is considered as Angel number.

More Information for this Domain:

Domain category Other — Generic 4-letter,

The Domain is aged 7 years.

Second Level Domain : 5555, Keywords: 5555

Avg Search Results (keyword): 100,000,000

Avg Search Results (sld): 100,000,000

Overture (keyword): 758

Overture (sld): 758

Word Tracker (keyword): 53

Average Monthly Searches: 3,000

Average Cost Per Click: $1.05 USD

Average Ad Competition: High

Source: appraise.epik.com

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